What's Possible

Helping my clients to uncover what’s possible inspires the work that I do.

Through their words, discover what’s possible for you.



"Jen brought herself to each of our coaching sessions. She is energetic, honest, empathetic, resourceful, and thoughtful. Whenever we met, she was fully engaged without distraction. Jen introduced me to mindfulness and how I can use the simple practice of deep breathing to feel more centered and balanced. This has really helped me to manage my stress levels. She also helped me to identify my top saboteurs and ways that I was unknowingly sabotaging my success. Through our work together, I have become more self-aware and more comfortable with myself. I am feeling more confident and have better clarity about my goals. I have also increased my willingness to take risks to achieve my desired results. I even applied for a new senior-level position at my company and got it! I feel ready and excited to take on the challenges of my new position. I recommend Jen without hesitation!"

- Jen W.


"Jen was a great help to me as a health coach. She really listened to what my goals were, where I was having challenges, and the kinds of things that would or would not help me make progress. She was able to bring a range of assessments and scientifically-backed recommendations that gave me assurances that the changes I was making would really make a difference for me, and they have. I’ve lost weight and kept it off. More importantly, I’ve gained a better understanding of how different kinds of food choices affect me, and I’ve made lasting habit changes that help me feel better. I’m glad that I found Jen and had the opportunity to benefit from her coaching!"

 - Jodi C.


"Jen’s knowledge of executive coaching and wellness was extremely valuable for my company. Personally, Jen helped me work through a major life event with ease. Her warm and open demeanor was apparent the moment I sat down to talk with her – making it that much easier to be vulnerable and trust that our meetings were confidential. Her dedication to helping people with both mental and physical wellness is unparalleled."

- Courtney O.


I had the opportunity to work with Jen on a number of occasions at my firm.  Jen brought forth some tremendous ideas to help improve the quality of my diet, my sleep patterns, and my overall health & wellness. She also took time for individual coaching and helped me think through an exercise plan that would be conducive to my hectic schedule.

- Eric D.

"Our team had the great fortune to work with Jen for an entire year – and we are so grateful. Over this time, Jen lead our team through a variety of topics such as aligning the body, healthy eating, and balancing life, work, and overall wellbeing. The workshops and seminars that she lead taught us so many valuable ways to create simple, yet healthy snacks – and how to start our day out right. Furthermore, Jen was phenomenal at the 1:1 coaching that she conducted with a variety of members on our team. Personally, I felt extremely comfortable and at ease speaking with Jen about a wide range of topics, including how to develop additional leadership capabilities, active listening, and helping others get out of their own wayJen is one of the most genuine and caring people I have ever met and truly does care about the success of others around her. It was so apparent during our sessions when she would listen and provide perspective in such a phenomenal way. I'm so grateful to have met Jen a few years ago and I look forward to working even more with her in the future. With the amount of positive impact she has create not only in my life, but with our team, I can only imagine the amount of lives she will impact moving forward. She’s a true role model, confidant, and genuine person, in every sense."

- Gabe M.


"I worked with Jen through a wellness program at my office. We did a variety of workshops that covered different aspects of health and wellness, as well as had the opportunity to have 1:1 coaching sessions with her. She is truly a fantastic coach, easy to talk and open up to, as well as offering insightful feedback and ideas that can help to challenge and provide direction. The workshops also lead to an awareness in everyday life that I had not anticipated. Whether it be taking better note of how much water I’m drinking, or approaching and handling stress differently, there has been a lingering effect on my day to day life, even a year after our workshops have ended."

- Julia S.

Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.
— Kevin Trudeau