Work with Me

Helping women discover how small subtle shifts in their daily habits can lead to greater sustainable changes to their health and wellbeing brings me joy!

I combine my skills as an Integrative Health & Wellness Coach and Functional Nutritionist with my experience as an Executive Leadership Coach, to help women discover the right combination of nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset practices so they can show up in life and work as the best version of themselves again.

These are my current offerings to support you through your wellness journey:


Well Led 1:1 Coaching

Receive the personalized support you need to transform from just surviving to thriving! I currently offer three and six month coaching and nutrition packages to address each of your specific health concerns.


Well Led Group Program

Improve the most essential areas of your wellbeing with the accountability and support we all need when making changes for better health. My next group launches in June, 2019. Limited spots are still available!


Corporate Wellness

My workplace health and wellness solutions improve the wellbeing of your organization and the quality of your employees’ lives. I offer a variety of programs and workshops on topics including nutrition, mindfulness, and managing stress.